to-dos directly in Basecamp

No need to set reminders
No more forgetting tasks
Focus on doing to-dos and
less managing to-dos

Recur integrates natively with Basecamp's user interface.
Now your team can stay in the app they love to use.


Repeat to-dos in different schedules that match how your business needs them created.


Everyone that is assigned gets alerted just like the todo was created by you manually.

Native Feel

Recur is built utilizing the same UI elements that Basecamp users are already familiar with.

How it works

Add recurring to-dos to Basecamp in minutes!



Grant Recur Access for the Basecamp API


All done!

Time to use Recur and let it do all the work!

Simple, easy pricing.

No complicated multi-level plans


$15 / mo
  • Unlimited recurring to-dos
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
Try Recur FREE for 30 days


Which browsers are supported?

Currently Recur only works with the Chrome Browser as an extension.

Does this work with Basecamp 2 or Classic?

Recur only works with Basecamp 3. There are no plans to support legacy Basecamp versions.

Does this work with the Basecamp app?

Unfortunately, it's technically impossible for us to work with the Windows or Mac app.

Do you have Customer Support?

You can always write any feature requests or possible issues to us at and we will respond as quickly as we can!

What are you waiting for?

Try Recur FREE for 30 days